Smart Diet Planner

1st Meal – 6 : 30 AM – Start the day Seasonal fruits/ Dry Fruit after a glass of water

Start the day with a banana or  any seasonal fruit or soaked almonds or soaked raisins .

This is the time when you need to eat to bring back your sugar level and energies to normal level. Having fresh seasonal fruit or bananas is the best option at this time. No tea /coffee/ green tea or honey lemon water as these will only impact the metabolism in bad way.


  • Drink a glass of plain water before having banana/almonds/raisins.
  • Eat this within 20 minutes of waking up or after taking the thyroid pill, BP pill if you are on one.
  • You can take tea or coffee 30 minutes after having banana/almonds/raisins.


  • Banana: For all those who have digestion issues or get sugar cravings after a meal. Buy the fresh, local variety nd if possible elaichi bananas which are small ones.
  • Soaked 7-8 raisins with 1-2 strands of kesar overnight and have this in the morning if you have terrible PMS or low energy through the day. Women who had painful periods for years reported a drop in anxiety, cramps and acidity within weeks and many of them even experienced totally pain-free periods for the first time in their lives.
  • 4-6 soaked and peeled almondsif you have insulin resistance, diabetes, PCOD or low fertility or poor sleep quality. Pick the mamra or the local variety of almonds, for it’s richer in nutrients. We soak the almonds to unlock the nutrients and allow the phytic acid levels (which can otherwise bind to minerals like zinc and make them unavailable for our body) to go down.