Smart Diet Planner

5th Meal : 04:00 PM- Mid day meal

The fifth meal of the day should be consumed within 2 to 3 hours of having lunch. This meal should include a drink like seasonal sherbet, buttermilk, or a cup of tea. This meal is important to keep the metabolism high and increase the weight loss.

What Not to Eat :

1.No deep fried items like pakodas or deep fried pranthas
2 No packed items
3 No butter , even low fat ones
4 No  bakery items : Muffins or Donuts or pastries or biscuits
5 No fast food- burgers/Pizza/Garlic bread
6 No Namkeen

What to Eat

Anything seasonal like seasonal sherbet (a fruit based cooling drink or butter milk)

You can have :

  1. Rose Sherbet
  2. Mint Sherbet
  3. Lemon Sherbet
  4. Butter milk
  5. tea
  6. coffee

When to Eat

Within 2-3 hours of lunch