Smart Diet Planner

7th Meal : 7:30 PM- Dinner- should be lightest meal and atleast 3 hrs before the bed time

Meal 7 of the day is your dinner, which should be consumed 2-3 hours before bed time. It should be a very light meal and less than 50% of what you had in the lunch. It should be rice or a millets-based meal with ghee.
What Not to eat for weight loss
1.No fruits along with meal as fructose in fruits converts to triglyceride which is bad for health
2.No deep fried items like pakodas or deep fried pranthas
3.No  Pranthas /fried rice
4.No fast food- burgers/Pizza/Garlic bread

What to Eat for weight loss

  • Take a glass of water 30 miutes before meal.
  • Switch off your TV and do not use Mobile while eating. Eat with all your senses
  • Preferably sit down in cross legged position and then eat
  • Serve Yourself half the food you normally eat
  • Chew your food slowly and deliberately

Good option for weight loss can be

  1. Small portion of rice with sabzi
  2. Millets based meals with Ghee. Millets are a great source of protein and dietary fibres so you can fill your plate with these healthy dinner.
  3. Roasted pepper and other veggies
  4. Grilled fish
  5. Fish curry with brown rice /chapati
  6. Brown rice with sabzi or dal
  7. Brown rice with dal or fish (curry or grilled)
  8. Chapati with chicken curry
  9. Grilled chicken
  10. Chicken curry with brown rice /chapati
  11. Roti kadhi and sabzi
  12. Tandoori chicken
  13. Grilled chicken with veggies
  14. Chicken dhansak
  15. Khichadi
  16. Palak paneer with brown rice /chapati
  17. Tofu curry with brown rice /chapati
  18. Lauki Sabzi with brown rice /chapati
  19. Gajar matar sabzi with brown rice /chapati
  20. Sauteed vegetables with paneer
  21. Aloo baingan , tamatar sabzi with brown rice /chapati
  22. Bhindi ki sabzi with dal and brown rice /chapati
  23. Green gram whole dal with brown rice /chapati
  24. Sambhar with brown rice /chapati
  25. Egg bhurji with brown rice /chapati

When to Eat for the weight loss

Atleast 3 hours before the bed time