Smart Diet Planner


Calories Spent / Steps Covered:

We fetch the information from Google Fit . In case information is not coming, activate Google Fit. Once you will start seeing the information in Google fit, it will be available here also.

Calories Consumed:

  • Calories are based on the diet plan of a particular date. In case you had updated the plan with some different option then the updated information is only considered.
  • At the moment you cannot track whatever was eaten beyond the diet plan. That is also coming soon

Calories Deficit:

  • Difference between Calories spent, and Calories consumed.
  • You would lose weight if calories spent are more.
  • Negative value indicates you had spent lesser than what you had consumed.
  • Approximately 7000 calories Deficit leads to 1 Kg of weigh loss
  • Target to have 12 to 15K Deficit a month for 1.5 to 2 Kg of weight loss. So each day target 500 cal of Deficit.