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Foxtail Millet for Weight Loss, Benefits and Recipes

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Foxtail Millet- Millets for Weight Loss

Foxtail millet is a yearly grass developed for human food. The Botanical name of foxtail millet Setaria Italica. It is the second-most broadly planted species of millet, and the most developed millet species in Asia.

Most established proof of foxtail millet is found along the antiquated course of Yellow river in Cishan, China, carbon-dated to be 8700 BC. Foxtail millet has likewise been developed in India.

Foxtail millet is an annual grass with thin, vertical, verdant stems which can arrive at a stature of 120–200 cm. The seed head is a thick, hairy panicle 5–30 cm long.

The little seeds, around 2 millimetres in breadth, are encased in a flimsy, papery structure which is effortlessly expelled in threshing. Seed shading changes extraordinarily between assortments.

Foxtail Millet in India

In India, foxtail millet is as yet a significant yield in its dry and semi-bone-dry regions. In South India, it has been a staple eating regimen among individuals for quite a while from the Sangam period. It is referred to regularly in old Tamil texts and is ordinarily connected with Lord Muruga and his consort Valli

Health Benefits of Foxtail Millet

Foxtail millets are very high in calories that give stamina and strength to the body to perform workouts. It is generally developed in India, Africa and China. It is considered as the ideal substitute for healthful nourishment.

Here are some benefits of Foxtail Millet-

  • Help in the Process of the Cardiovascular System

Nutrient B1 aids the arrangement of synapse acetylcholine which assists with moving the message among muscle and nerves. It additionally shields the elements of heart. The lack of Vitamin B1 prompts ill-advised elements of heart. The patients of congestive cardiovascular breakdown discover Vitamin B1 supportive and forestall heart diseases.

  • Alzheimer’s Disorder

Nutrient B1 slows back the growth of Alzheimer’s disorder. It could be treated with a take of 100 mg enhancements of Vitamin B1. The preliminary examinations are as yet done for the assurance of the system because of which it happens.

  • Increase Memory Power

Nutrient B1 assists with upgrading the fixation and memory power. It assists with dealing with the anxious sicknesses, for example, Bell’s paralysis and different sclerosis. It is likewise called resolve nutrient which gives a positive effect on the sensory system and supports the mental point of view.

  • Cancer Prevention Agent

Nutrient B1 goes about as a cancer prevention agent which hinders the procedure old enough spots, wrinkles and other age-related issues that have a negative impact on the organs.

  • Help in Muscles

Iron is basic for the support of the soundness of muscles. It is found in the muscle tissues and transports oxygen which is basic for the muscle compression. The inadequacy of iron leads the muscle to lose the flexibility and tone and may cause paleness.

  • Good for Brain

Iron helps in mental health. It supplies oxygen to the cerebrum, as it utilizes about 20% of blood oxygen. Iron is straightforwardly connected with the mind capacities. The sufficient measure of blood whenever got by the mind assists with advancing the cognizance and forestalls Alzheimer’s infection and dementia. Because of this, the sufficient measure of iron is fundamental for the cerebrum oxygenation.

Traditional Uses of Foxtail Millet

The grain of Foxtail millet is utilized in China as an astringent and emollient in peevish expressions of love and loose bowels.

The seeds are utilized in India as a diuretic, to fortify virility, treat acid reflux, dyspepsia and ailment.

  • It assists with rewarding food staleness.
  • The seeds (green) help to fortify virility.
  • The white seeds are valuable for fever and cholera.

In Pakistan, the squashed seeds are joined with ghee and expended for the sexual force or strength. The decoction produced using Setaria oil and bark of Acacia Modesta is utilized as a tonic or to bring fruitfulness up in females and guys. It is utilized in India to upgrade force and treat bone cracks.

The cooked grains are utilized in Chhattisgarh as a solution for the runs.

The glue is remotely utilized as a solution for swellings. It is joined with different spices to fix dysuria. In Aurangabad, the decoction produced using the entire plant is utilized inside for ailment and decreases the agonies caused because of parturition.

The seeds are utilized to treat diabetes. In Western Himalaya, it is joined with cow’s curd so as to treat measles.

Various Forms in which Foxtail Millet is Eaten

Foxtail millet is utilized as a fundamental food in North Africa, South and East Asia and South-Eastern Europe.

  • The grain cooked in milk or water is expended as rice.
  • The seeds are grounded as flour and used to make porridge puddings, cakes and bread.
  • The flour made by Foxtail millet is utilized to make noodles.
  • Foxtail millet is joined with heartbeats in Northern China and cooked.
  • In China, it is utilized to make millet fresh moves, smaller than normal fresh chips and flour.
  • In China, it is utilized to make wines and vinegar.
  • In Myanmar and Russia, it is utilized to get ready liquor and brew.
  • In China, the seeds are grown and devoured as vegetables

Nutritional Value of Foxtail Millet

Carbohydrate 60.9gm
Protein 12.3gm
Fat 4.3gm
Energy 331kcal
Calcium 31mg
Phosphorus 290mg
Amylose 17.5%
Amylopectin 82.5%
Mineral matter 3.3gm
Crude matter 8gm


Foxtail Millet Recipes

1.Foxtail Millet Porridge Recipe

  • Soak up the foxtail millet water for thirty minutes
  • After 30 minutes drain all the water.
  • Add the foxtail to the milk and cook it on a medium warmth for 5 minutes.
  • When cooked take off warmth and include figs, banana, cashew nuts, Amarnath and lotus seeds.


2.Foxtail Millet Pulao

Stage 1-Base

  • Warmth the Ghee/Oil in a pot. Let it heat up before including the spices. Add Cumin, Bay leaf and Green Chillies. Once it begins spluttering, include garlic and ginger. Cook for 10-20 seconds.
  • Include the Sliced onions, carrots, beans and cook for 2-3 minutes. Sprinkle the Garam Masala, Turmeric and include the Yogurt. Mix well.

Step 2-Cooking Millets

  • Mix the Pot, Add Millets. Add 2 cups of water. Season with salt.
  • Spread and cook for 15 minutes on low-medium flame. Garnish with coriander leaves and present with yoghurt.

3. Foxtail Millet Dosa

  • First in a bowl take foxtail millet.
  • Presently include all other grains, moong dal, chana dal, urad dal and fenugreek seeds. Include enough water. splash it for around 4-5 hours.
  • Now drain all the water and wash it. Take a processor including drenched millet and dals. Include cumin seeds. Crush it well by utilizing little water and make fine paste.batter is prepared.
  • After that keep batter for 2 hours. At that point include salt into this. If the batter is thick include little water. Batter ought to be neither thick nor slight.
  • Now take a flat pan, oil it well with spread or oil. Sprinkle some water. At that point pour 2 tbsp batter and spread it and give dosa shape. Include little spread or oil. Cook it until it gets brilliant earthy coloured in the shade.
  • Foxtail millet dosa is prepared. Present with chutney and sambar.

4.Foxtail Millet Ladoo

  • Take a pan and heat it. Now take a gram flour and dry roast for 2 minutes; keep aside.
  • Wash the millet and dry roast till it is a light brown colour. Cool it and granulate as fine powder. Filter the flour and keep aside.
  • Now heat the pan with ghee and then roast cashew and dry coconut.
  • After that, blend all the items and flour in a blending, add brown coloured sugar and blend well. At long last include the honey and begin planning little balls.
  • Include 1tbsp softened ghee if necessary.
  • Yummy, sound and Organic Ladoo is prepared.

Foxtail Millet for Weight Loss

The calorie substance of millets is unbelievably low, thus, they are an incredible food item for weight loss. Not simply those hoping to get in shape, millet benefits individuals who are aware of their wellness as well.

It encourages them to keep up their vitality level for the duration of the day without continuing eating continually to refuel themselves.

Millets additionally keep you satisfied for longer than different starches which are processed inside two or three hours of being eaten. At the point when you engulf millets, you feel more full for longer as they set aside some effort to get processed and ingested into your body. You don’t need to connect for undesirable tidbits, thus.

Foxtail millets are an incredible wellspring of dietary fibre, protein, sound micros (nutrient and minerals) and low in fat. The foxtail millets cause you to feel more full despite the fact that you’ve eaten less which enables control to weight. In this way, it is extremely unlikely you’ll put on weight in case you will devour foxtail millets in controlled extents.

Any food devoured in an overabundance of what your body needs gets changed over into fat and adds to hold up gain. In any case, millets, when all is said in done, don’t cause a lot of stand by again in light of the accompanying reasons-

Their fiber content is high and you tend to feel full soon. So you do not eat exactly oat food.

Whenever taken all in all grain, the assimilation procedure of millets is moderate. They discharge vitality gradually to the body. You feel less ravenous. You will in general eat less and less frequently.

The sugar content in millets is perplexing and they watch out for the secret to glucose gradually. That helps in not picking up stand by without any problem.

It is additionally opined by certain researchers that high fiber content helps the development of numerous assortments of valuable small scale creatures in the gut. A greater amount of valuable smaller scale creatures have a host of medical advantages including escape of stoutness.