Smart Diet Planner


I, Manjari Chandra have been working as a functional and clinical nutritionist /diet consultant for over 24 years with the most reputed hospitals in India. My philosophy is “It is not just about losing weight but leading a healthy life”. My recent book “Eat Up, Clean Up” revolves around the same ideology. I am an advisor for the “Smart Diet Planner” app.

We have planned a personalized AI-based diet that is aligned with the following nutritional science principles:

  1. How much to eat? Calories recommendation 
  2. What to eat? Nutrients recommendation
  3. When to eat? Aligned to circadian rhythm.

We know it’s quite difficult to eat limited healthy items. We provide you with various choices aligned to your likings, best suited for each time slot. This will make the weight loss journey much easier with better results.

“We boldly say that our solution is very exclusive globally and we have plenty of success stories shared by our customers to prove us.”

Our premium subscription is less than the cost of a pizza per month.

Yours Sincerely,

Manjari Chandra & Smart Diet Planner Team