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Ghee and its various benefits for health

Ghee benefits

Ghee is also known as clarified butter or it is anhydrous milk fat. It is a fat-rich dairy product which is produced in India. Its preparation can be done from cow milk, buffalo milk, or mixed milk. In its making process milk is separated into a cream that can be converted into ghee directly. After separating the cream, it is heated on a constant temperature to evaporate nearly all the moisture content. There are many ghee benefits.

Then precipitated milk solids are filtered from it. Due to heating many micro-organisms and enzymes are destroyed. It was originated in northern India but it quickly spread in parts of southern India due to the higher temperature which required more stable dairy products for long trade routes.

In respect to Indian context, ghee is a product of cow and is pure. It is used as a medium for cooking and has many other benefits also such as entire sweets in India are prepared by a mixture of milk, cereals, fruits, vegetables and are cooked in ghee. We can say it is one of the basic things in Indian cooking. In marriage and for other special occasions also the food is cooked in ghee.

From India Ghee is also marketed in many countries as Australia, Armenia, United Kingdom, Netherlands, New Zealand, and the United States, etc. There are many brands of ghee nowadays such as Amul ghee, Patanjali ghee, Ashirwad ghee, Britannia ghee, Ashtavinayak ghee, and many more brands which supply ghee in every part of India.

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Benefits of ghee
Ghee benefits in our day to day life

Ghee benefits

Can Ghee really be good for you? Ghee has many benefits of its own because of both Indian cuisine and ayurvedic medicine from ancient times. Whether it is plain or flavored with herbs ghee can be used for cooking in every dish you make. Here are some of the benefits of ghee which I think not all of us are aware of:

  • Helps in moisturizing dry skin and hairs

It is not only used for cooking but is also used by Indian women for their dry skin and hair. Applying it on the scalp helps in the growth of thick hairs.

  • It has anti-inflammatory properties

In ayurvedic terms, ghee is treated as a medicine for burn and swelling. It contains butyrate, which is a fatty acid that is linked to the immune system response that calms the inflammation.

  • Contains heart-healthy fats

Ghee is having a high concentration of fats, which is rich in monounsaturated Omega-3s. These are the same fatty acids that are found in food good for heart health and also for the cardiovascular system.

  • Reduces exposure to cancer-causing agents

Most oils in high temperatures break down into free radicals. More than the necessary number of free radicals in the body can result in cell damage, which develops cancer. The smoking point of ghee is 500°F, due to which it retains its structure under high heat also.

  • It is a Nutritional Powerhouse

It contains valuable amounts of Vitamin A, D, E, and K. These nutrients are very essential for our body growth and other functioning. It also aids in the body’s absorption of fat-soluble vitamins from other food.

Cow Ghee Benefits

Ghee which is made from cow’s milk is known as cow ghee. It is not only used in food for cooking and taste but also works as a medicine in many different ways. By consuming the cow ghee one can enhance the capabilities of the brain such as memory, wisdom, and interaction. Some of the benefits of cow ghee are:

  • It helps in digestion

Ghee cow helps in improving the digestive system. It is done by stimulating the secretion of stomach acid. Also used in lowering the inflammation.

  • It heals and nourishes the body

Cow ghee can be applied to our skin burn also. As this ghee is known for its healing properties. It is also said that applying cow ghee on hairs can cure dryness and can also relieve flaky scalp.

  • It is nonallergic

As it has a very low amount of lactose and casein content it can be consumed by those lactose and casein intolerant. Ghee can be added to our daily diet as they contain a high amount of fats.

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Benefits of cow ghee
Cow ghee benefits
  • Also Boosts energy

Ghee contains 450KJ of energy per tablespoon. It is a storehouse of nutrient energy. The acids present in cow ghee are directly stored in the liver and can be burnt as energy.

  • It also Releases Constipation

Most of the pregnant women are observed to have digestion problems and constipation. For this, it is suggested to have one spoon full of cow ghee with warm milk every day at night to be helped indigestion and constipation.

Buffalo Ghee Benefits

Buffalo ghee is made from buffalo milk. It is rich in magnesium and phosphorus. They can be stored for a longer time because of its high-fat content. Buffalo ghee has a low amount of cholesterol but is having more calories than cow ghee. It is not found normally in all countries as cow ghee. Some of the benefits of buffalo ghee are:

  • It is helpful in gaining weight

As it is having more amount of fat then cow milk it helps in gaining weight. It is only given to children as giving it to adults can increase obesity and cardiovascular diseases.

  • It helps in making voice sweet and melodious

Ghee whether it is cow ghee or buffalo milk it has the quality of oiliness in it. It makes our voice melodious and sweet.

  • It Boosts our Immunity

Ghee helps in increasing our body to absorb vitamins and minerals from other foods to make you stronger. Older the ghee more it will have healing qualities.

  • It benefits the eyes

It also helps in keeping our eyesight good and effective. Along with honey in Ayurveda, ghee also helps in keeping our body fit.

  • It lubricates the body

In the winter season, many people suffer from dry skin because the climate becomes so cold which reduces the water intake and the body is dehydrated. But by applying ghee on our skin it looks nourishing.

Desi Ghee Benefits

It is a favorite in most Indian households. It is also used from ancient times for cold, cough, and skin related issues. During the research, most of the health experts tell that naturally occurring saturated fats such as desi ghee is good for health. Some benefits of desi ghee are:

  • It helps in weight loss

In desi ghee, there are short-chain fatty acids that help in weight loss in a body. This helps to burn the fat in the body and help to lose weight.

  • It has a high smoke point

As discussed firstly in our body there are free radicals due to which cancer is caused. But due to the high smoke points, radicals of desi ghee will not be free in the body and there will be no chance of cancer.

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Advantages of desi ghee
Desi ghee benefits
  • It strengthens the immunity and also helps in bone development

A spoonful of desi ghee is given to the kids for strengthening their immune system and also making their bones stronger. It is also a strong microbial, anti-cancer, and anti-viral agent.

  • It is good for the heart

In Desi ghee, vitamin K2 is found which helps in preventing calcium deposits in the arteries which leads to blockages and also reduces blood flow.

  • It boosts digestion

It is a natural remedy for balancing and heat elements. If you are having a half spoon of desi ghee with moong dal khichdi is a great way for detox.

Nutrition facts of Ghee

  1. Zero carbohydrates
  2. Vitamin E amounts to 0.42 milligram
  3. Cholesterol amounts 38.4 milligram
  4. Vitamin A of 460.1 IU
  5. The fat of 14.9 gram
  6. Calories round 115

Packaging of ghee

It is generally packed in lacquered tin cans ranging between 250 g to 15 kg. This packaging protects the product against tempering. Due to this product can be delivered to faraway places. Tin cans are very expensive. Some companies also pack ghee in metalized and polyester pouches. Doing bulk transport of ghee in tankers and distribution and the consuming centers in retail containers could be ideal for interstate or intercontinental marketing.


Ghee is an essential part of every person living in the world. It helps us in keeping our body fit and fine. It is typically prepared by simmering butter, which churned from cream, skimming any impurities from the surface, and then pouring the clean liquid in the container. Talking about its components which are free fatty acids, carbonyls, lactones, and alcohol.

There are many benefits of taking one spoon of ghee every day which are told above. There are two types of ghee which are uncultured ghee which is made by skimming fat from milk and the other is common cultured milk which is made in Indians home. It also helps with heart-related disease and skin problems. It is also used for weight gaining and weight loss.

So there are many benefits of ghee all around and it’s a good combination of all the things that keep our body fit.