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Regional governments geared up to attend the Migrant workers on road.

A nationwide lockdown in India is causing havoc for lakhs  of migrant workers in  New Delhi.Since transport options are not available, so thousands  day labourers along with their families, have resorted to commuting on foot to go back to their village.

To attend to these people Authorities have sent a fleet of buses. Delhi state’s Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said on Twitter that both Delhi and UP Uttar governments have arranged buses for these  workers who are on the roads now.

He also appealed to people  “I still appeal to everyone to stay where they are,We have made arrangements for living, eating, drinking, everything in Delhi. Please stay at your home. Do not go to your village. Otherwise, the aim of the lockdown will be over.”

As crowds is increasing at border across India because of the migrant workers, the regional governments have been advised to set up tented accommodation along the highways  and also to establish relief camps in the cities.

Delhi’s homeless shelters are overcrowded with people now and the government has decided to convert the public schools into the shelters .

Regional governments have also been asked by home ministry to share with migrant workers that what the steps are being so as to take care of them and to prevent them from leaving their current.