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Have Amla Daily for immunity and to control diabetes

Amla is enriched with antioxidant and vitamin C. It should be a part of your daily diets. Interestingly, it is low in calories. It has twenty times more vitamin C compared to an orange. Amla has a traditional role in Indian culture. From the ancient period, people are taking it since it is believed from the ancient period that it is a super fruit.

Rujuta expresses about the versatility of Indian diet Amla in her week 1 fitness project 2020. She also explains why we should have it daily. She remarks, “An amla a day keeps flu and cold away.”

Earlier we posted articles from week-1 to week 12 fitness project 2018 by the greatest nutritionist Rujata Diwekar. From today, we will post articles on her fitness project 2020.

Amla Benefits

Amla will prevent cough, cold, and flu if you take it regularly. This amazing Indian fruit helps you to recover from cold very fast. We burn fat by doing physical exercise. It also burns fat and will help you to get lucrative waist. Sluggishness which make you miss your physical exercise regularly can be prevented when you will have it.

It is a superb fruit for diabetes people since it improves the sensitivity of insulin. Again, the blood glucose level is regulated when a person eats this greatest Indian diet. Cardiac patients are also benefited by this fruit since it regulates cholesterol.

You know what? It helps you to deal with your irritation, dullness, and tiredness. Your immunity will get a great boost if you have it regularly. It is really good for skin and hair loss. Besides, it heals the wound of skin very fast and quick.

Anaemia and poor haemoglobin level may come under control if anyone has this fruit regularly. Iron assimilation welfares of this fruit are also tremendous for girls having a difficult time before their periods or premenstrual syndrome. Regular intake can reduce period pain. Also, if you have heavy flow on the second day of the period, then Vitamin B1 and Vitamin B2 in it will be helpful for you.

Ways To Include Amla In Your Diet

You can have this fruit in many ways since the Indian gooseberry is incredibly adaptable. You may have it raw if you like. Or when you do not like to have it raw, you may sprinkle some rock salt or kali salt. You may also make amla murabba or amla jams at home. They have a long time of usability. Then you have this jam or murabba with your meal. Amla pickle, you may make and have it with your lunch and supper. Bring back chyawanprash in your eating routine if you need to get your everyday portion of it.  You can have it with milk or water or simply like that. Amla supari or dried and salted amla is another approach to incorporate it into your eating routine. This goes about as a decent mouth purifier that can check corrosiveness and advance assimilation.

Important Notes:

  1. You can have it between 10.00 – 11.00 am or between 2.00- 3.00 pm.
  2. Take amla when you go for a long journey. It will help you from gassy feelings.
  3. This fruit detox the body. So, never miss it.

Week 1 Video Post By Rujuta Diweker