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Eating Your Food In The Right Proportion is the key to weight loss

To eat in the right proportion is very important to keep fit and fine. Rujuta Diwekar explains that eating food in the right proportion is necessary for her week 8 fitness project 2023. In week 7, she discusses the importance of homemade breakfast. All of us are aware of the self-loathing cycle we put ourselves […]

Make And Eat Your Homemade Pickle for good digestion and B12

Homemade Pickle is an age-old tradition that was passed on to our Nani Dadi’s from their Nani and Dadi’s. Unfortunately, we haven’t paid much focus on this immensely favourable culture. But with her 12-week fitness project, nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar has worked on reviving this Indian tradition. Yes, we attend many fitness programs to lose weight […]

Best 3 Rules Of Good Sleep which you should adopt !

Good Sleep is an undervalued habit even after knowing how crucial it is for us. Sleep is as vital as either losing weight or even following an Indian diet for weight loss. But, why do we sleep? It aids not only to boost our immune system but also to keep us healthy whilst allowing us […]

Bring Out The Metals In Your Kitchen for cooking and preserving foods

The Indian metal cookware sets are quite useful metals in the kitchen when it comes to cooking and preserving food. They say, and rightly so, that good health starts from the kitchen. We all seem to have time in our hands right now to reorganize our kitchen. Rujuta Diwekar ends her 12 Week Fitness Project […]

Guidelines On Asana For Aches, Pains And Recovery

Asana does not only belong to the yogis! The right asana helps you to win over everyday aches and pains. Moreover, it ensures a lot more health benefits. It’s indeed very frustrating thing when you have neck pains, backaches, knee pains, weak joints, stiffness in the knees, etc even without any physiological problems. It is […]