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Morning Banana Diet is the most effective technique for weight loss program


The morning Banana Diet is the most effective technique for weight loss program. Are you looking for an Indian diet to lose weight?

This article aims to present to you an effective weight loss program. Also, keep in mind that this article will show you how you can get your desired weight loss with simple Indian diets, even without a very hectic workout. It is all about the morning banana diet! Yes, this morning banana diet is the first-week fitness program the greatest nutritionist.

You know the name of Rujuta Diweker. Nutritionists and fitness experts Rujuta Diweker is, in fact, a great icon in this subcontinent. Konkona Sen Sharma, Kareena Kapoor Anupam Kher and Saif Ali Khan are the celebrities among her thousands of clients. She is the icon who introduced the morning banana diet. She started a project termed as The Fitness Project 2018 which she started at the beginning of the year 2018. In her project, you can easily find how the Indian diet leads to losing weight.

Fitness Is Simple And Uncompleted- Fitness Project 2018:

“Fitness is simple and Uncomplicated” is the theme of her project. She claims that we actually do not need to opt for fancy diets or workout for weight loss. Rujuta Diwakar, the celebrity dietitian does not want you to count calories to fight away fat. Even you can lose weight with Indian Diets. Weight loss or to get thinner is not the right way to measure fitness. However, energy levels, sleep quality, digestion, etc- all matters in our life.

It was, in fact, the world’s largest weight loss project where participants were open to taking part in. You know what? More than seventy-five thousand people participated in this project from over more twenty countries. It was a 12-week program. On an average 35% participant received a positive outcome. More than 70% of participant lost at least an inch from navel whereas more than two thousand people lost more than two inches from the navel.

Week 1 :The First Week To Start Weight Loss- Exploring Morning Banana Diet:

Start your day with a banana diet. You can select any other fruits if you have digestive issues with the banana. Or you may select soaked almonds or soaked raisins. Banana has tremendous health values. However, you can drink tea or coffee but obviously after 10-15 min. After that, drink 1 glass of water and then have your meal. You must buy fresh fruit and don’t buy fruits in bulk. Buy fruits at least two to three times a week and never use plastic bags to carry. Use cloth bags instead.

Well, drench 7-8 raisins with 1-2 stands of Kesar if you have horrible Premenstrual syndrome or with low vitality which last for the whole day long. Besides, take 4-6 doused and stripped badam if you are suffering from Polycystic Ovary disease or low fertility, diabetes or you are suffering from the sleep disorder. You can pick the mamra. You may also pic any local badam instead of mamra. It’s indeed richer in nutrient supplements. However, for Polycystic Ovary Disease you must switch to 7-8 Raisins along with Kesar (1-2 strands). Yes, you should pick up these ten days before menstruation.

Special Notes On Week 1:Banana / Almond/ Resins

If you do not like banana, you can pick any local or regional season fruit. Again, if you like all- banana, almond, and raisin, pick up whichever you like to have at breakfast. You can also switch over Banana on the first day, Almond on the second day, and Raisin on the third day. If you are PCOD, then take soaked raisins and Kesar 10 days prior periods.

Week 1 Updates :

You can do yoga or can work out after having the almond/banana/raisin. Keep in mind that when you are not doing yoga or any other physical exercises, you can have breakfast. But be sure that you must take breakfast within an hour after having a banana/raisin/almond. Besides, never add anything with the one glass water you are having in the morning.

Week 1 Video Post By Rujuta Diweker