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Best 3 Rules Of Good Sleep which you should adopt !

Good Sleep is an undervalued habit even after knowing how crucial it is for us. Sleep is as vital as either losing weight or even following an Indian diet for weight loss. But, why do we sleep? It aids not only to boost our immune system but also to keep us healthy whilst allowing us to heal.

Rujuta Diwekar explains how to sleep well in an underrated aspect of our immune function. She also describes how bad sleep not only breaks down our resolve to get fitter or healthier, but it also breaks down our skin, hair, mood, bone density, muscle tissue, etc. Earlier she discusses on Asana and even on the benefits of dry ginger. However, better sleep is easier said than done. You may ask- What can we do then?

Best 3 Rules Of Good Sleep

  1. Fixed bedtimes are a known secret when commencing to build a sleeping routine. Strictly construct time for bed, and no matter what, just get to bed on that point of time. Maximizing our productivity is our goal, but how can we do so when we delay to go to bed? I say, sleep delayed is zizz denied. Early bedtimes will highly allow you to wake up fresh without the need for an alarm, making you rise earlier than others. Now that you’re all home, it’s the right time to be productive, so get your sleep schedules right.
  2. Taking a warm shower pre-bedtime is what the doctors ordered for you. You can also add neem leaves or a pinch of nutmeg powder with the water. Neem leaves will aid to boost your immune system; neem juices and teas are made in many regions and it helps to remove cold or flu during seasonal changes. Meanwhile, nutmeg powder aids to store hormones give a sense of balance and improve libido. You can mix either neem or nutmeg powder or mix both of them together with water whilst bathing. If you’re someone who is low on immunity, sleeping at odd hours, this method is for you. This method will not only calm you down but cause you to be less anxious, bringing you better sleep.
  3. Apply ghee (clarified butter) on the soles of your feet just at bedtime. If you’re unable to sleep because you’re constipated, bloated, bear intestinal gas issues, use this method to rub the ghee till your hands are warm and then you’ll sleep like a baby. This method also works well for PMS troubles.

Basic Sleep Hygiene Strategies

  • Keep a gap of at least 2-3 hours between dinner and bedtime.
  • Stay gadget free for 60 minutes before going back to bed. It can be tough to be with but you can work harder to achieve it.
  • Drink turmeric milk before bedtime, because it also enhances better sleep.
  • Having an afternoon nap can help to have restorative sleeping at night, boosting the immune system. But, do not sleep for more than 20-30 minutes per day. Everybody at home should not use this time to slouching or sleeping through the afternoon because it will generate poor sleep at night.

Important Points

  • Apart from keeping a fixed bedtime, we should also keep a fixed wakeup time. It’s useful because it’ll allow you to be more productive throughout the day and minimize time waste.
  • Neem oil or neem powder could also be used in replacement of neem leaves during shower before bedtime.
  • Dill oil is another great substitution to ghee.
  • To heal aching join and body pain is an Indian method, which is to mix garlic in coconut oil, dill oil or mustard oil and rub it on your feet to generate better sleep.

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