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Bring Out The Metals In Your Kitchen for cooking and preserving foods

The Indian metal cookware sets are quite useful metals in the kitchen when it comes to cooking and preserving food. They say, and rightly so, that good health starts from the kitchen. We all seem to have time in our hands right now to reorganize our kitchen. Rujuta Diwekar ends her 12 Week Fitness Project 2020 by remarking to open up those cupboards and bring out all our metallic utensils and cookware sets. You may ask, how does metal help us? And, what kind of metal we should pick and avoid?

Rujuta Diwekar elucidates that the right metals can make all differences to our skin, immunity, and even digestion. She used traditional Indian cookware sets as an example and brilliantly portrayed how those metals can be used in various manners. Such include: metals being known to fight microbes, works best in boosting the immune system, etc. Earlier she explains about three habits of good sleep.

To lose weight, one does not need to focus on asana, workout, and food habit only. The person must focus on the metals on which his or her foods are cooked. Not along with only consuming Indian diets to lose weight, you will be able for weight loss. There are many more. You will certainly understand that there are certainly other things involved to keep fit and healthy and maintain a proper weight when you will realise that bringing back metals in the kitchen is very important.

Three Basic Metals To Bring Back In The Kitchen

Iron Tawa/Iron Kadai

You can cook Roti, Paratha, Ajwain Paratha, etc. on both the cookware. This leads to improved haemoglobin levels, energy levels, and it’s especially crucial for women with thyroid or PCOD problems. Iron cookware also benefits lessened tiredness, and it is especially useful for kids and anyone with poor hair and skin health.

Pital Pots

You can cook an Indian meal- Dal or Hochpoch in it. Usage of this metal cookware improves the mineral uptake of nutrients by your body and it leads to improved blood sugar response. We receive the amount of nourishment present in food and this allows the steadying of our blood sugar. Steady blood sugar means a steady mood. Moreover, digestion and bloating issues can also be removed if food is consumed in this cookware. Using Pital can also enhance the taste of the food consumed.

Silver Or Kansa Plates/Glasses

This has proven antimicrobial properties to aid spite microbes and is known for immunity boosting. It’s also anti-ageing and has been weaved into the Indian culture for a long time.

Important Notes On The Metals In The Kitchen

  • We should avoid nonstick cookware, aluminium cookware, and plastic as storage material.
  • You can cook and serve in mitti ke bartan (Mud pot vessels). You can also store water in it because it will then prevent impurity of the water and keep the water cold for a long period of time.
  • If vegetable turns black after cooking in iron cookware, pour the vegetable in another cookware. It could be in ceramic or steel.

Week 12 Video Post By Rujuta Diweker