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Eat wholesome meal like Sandwich /Egg /Dosa between 4-6 pm


The wholesome meal has a tremendously positive effect on our body. This amazing food helps us in many ways. India is a blessing country. There are plenty of Indian diets for weight loss. Most of us want to lose weight. Even many of us participated in many weight loss programs in a hope to lose weight. However, Rujuta Diweker conducted the biggest mind-blowing weight loss fitness project in 2018. Today we are writing in detail on week 4, the fitness project 2018. We have already posted on week-3.


Hormone indeed follows a cycle-a natural one. You know what? Our hormone naturally increases in the morning. Such rises level helps us to start afresh and clear bowel. Furthermore, it drops in the evening which helps us sleep peacefully at night. Nutritionists and fitness experts Rujuta Diweker explains in the fourth-week plan that waking up fresh and proper peaceful sleep is the prerequisite health factors.  Yes, this indeed expresses about the immune response, hormonal balance and metabolic health. This also expresses our responses to stress.

The body works at generating cortisol more despite dropping cortisol when a person kills his/her appetite with coffee and tea without eating anything else. Interestingly, this will lead to a state of poor sleep, slow digestion, thyroid issues, Polycystic Ovary Disease, overeating at supper, and insulin insensitivity.

Wholesome Meal

Rujuta Diweker suggests some meal option on the week-4. The meal option is for 4.00-6.00 pm. One must take this meal wherever the person is- office, home, college or train.

Wholesome Meal 1: Handful Of Groundnuts And Chana

This meal controls appetite. This stops bloating and eating too much during supper. One must take this wholesome meal before 8.00 pm if the person takes early dinner. This meal is very effective for the people who are suffering from diabetics, polycystic ovary disease. The low energy level for the whole day is also improved with this meal.

Wholesome Meal 2: Jaggery, Ghee And Chapatti

One should have this awesome meal if the person stays active and work away from home. This meal should be taken at dinner post at 9.00 pm. This meal is very helpful for those who struggle from getting a very good night sleep. It is also effective for constipation and dropping Haemoglobin levels. Rujuta Diweker has also instructed us to have ghee on the week-2.

Wholesome Meal 3: Poha/ Upma/ Dosa/ Egg toast/ Homemade Khakra or Mathri/ Homemade Goond or Besan Laddoo

This meal is very effective for recurrent headache, leg cramps, and low immunity. One must take this wholesome meal if he/ she has a party to attend or the person’s workload raises post evening.  Rujuta Diweker also suggested opting for grilled vegetable and cheese sandwich (Mumbai Style) if the above-mentioned meal is unavailable.

Wholesome Meal 4: Chaat / Samosa/ Street Food

You can have this meal only once a week. However, never have this food during supper time.

Important Notes  

In this week, everyone should start dropping dinner quantity. The quantity should be dropped over the following four to five days. This is the very common result of this week that you will find that you can drop down the quantity of your dinner. Since this is the meal between 4.00-6.00 pm, you should preplan for the whole week.

Special Instructions

You can select any wholesome meal we have mentioned. All should keep in mind that you should have your lunch early if you take a very early dinner around 6.30 pm or 7.00 pm. In the case of early lunch and dinner, you can select the lighter option of the wholesome meals.

Those who do physical exercise in the evening, the person should have a banana and a protein shake. Banana and protein shake is the wholesome meal for the person who does exercise in the evening. Again, if anyone does physical exercise at around 7.00 pm, the person can have any wholesome meal that we have mentioned above. This meal should be taken by 5.30 pm. The dinner also should be taken after the physical exercise. Depending on one’s working hour, a meal between 4.00 pm to 6.00 pm can be taken earlier if the person works at night shift.


Indian diets are really helpful to lose weight. So have a traditional meal. However, follow the advice on how and when to take these meals. If you mess up the basics of a wholesome meal, you will not get the benefits. Follow the basics accordingly.

Week 4 Video Post By Rujuta Diweker