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Eat a Hyper-Local Fruit as a Mid-Meal daily as they promotes physical/ mental wellbeing

In her week 4 of the fitness project 2020, the nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar defines the importance of eating a hyper-local fruit every day for a mid-meal as the week four activity. We all are aware that Indian diets for weight loss are superb diets. So, one may easily lose weight if the person follows a proper guideline on how to take Indian diets to lose weight. In week 3, Rujuta Diwekar focused on sukhasana.

Remember when we were young, we would finish school and run to the gates with our friends to eat fruits as Kamrakh or Jamun bought with our pocket money. Right?

But at that moment, we were not aware of the countless advantages of a simple local fruit. Or better said a hyper-local food.

A hyper-local fruit formerly describes as a fruit which only has a name in your native language. In addition, some of them even have their own festivals or songs written around them. These are indeed commonly sold outside schools and railways etc. According to Rujuta Diwekar, you should have a hyper-local fruit as a mid-meal (in-between breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner) every day.

Why Should You Eat A Hyper-Local Fruit Every Day?

Richness In Hormones And Vitamins And Much More

To put it simply, to stay healthy and fit both physically and mentally. Fruits like Bora, Maran, Phalsa, Shehtooth, Karvanda, Ranjana, Jamun, Bel, Cashew fruits, Dhurchuk, Tadgola, Nimboli, Ramphal, etc. have an immense amount of nutrition, vitamins, prebiotics, and lots of bioactive compounds.

Probiotics are helpful in the sense that they promote the diversity in the good bacteria in our body which furthermore promotes physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. The bioactive compounds work as both cofactors and helping hands in signalling hormones (insulin, thyroxin, adrenaline, etc.)

So, would you rather spend thousands on vitamin pills and hormone injections, or just eat a small and cheap fruit every day for more natural and effective nutrition?

Prevention Of Nutrient Deficiency

Statistically speaking there are 2 billion people in the world suffering from micronutrient deficiency. And most of us are among that population. Suffering from anaemia, night blindness, zinc deficiency, and even just bone pain or muscle tissue breakage, we are all victims. Any seasonal hyper-local fruit is enriched with more iron, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, Zinc, minerals, and fibre.

Could you imagine, solving such a big issue with simply the consumption of a small fruit every day!

Support Your Local Farmers

Farmers in countries like ours, work hard and long every day. Under the sun or in freezing cold or during wet seasons, they are growing hyper-local fruits for the minimum wage to support their livelihood. If we keep buying our chemically contaminated food from big companies, where will the farmers go? Let’s keep them in business for the betterment of everyone. And not to mention, all keeping the environment safe and clean.

How To Acquire Hyper-Local Fruits?

 Talk to the older members of your family and get information on traditional and unappreciated fruits in your area. Go to the local farmers market and buy fruits available in that season. Buy the fruits and get into the habit of daily intake. According to Rujuta Diwekar, you should try to try our 12 different hyper-local fruits every year. Make it a challenge!

In conclusion, take care of your skin, bones, muscles, mind, and awareness by the basic act of eating a hyper-local fruit.

Week 4 Video Post By Rujuta Diweker