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Why you should do Strength training at least Once A Week


Strength training prevents diabetes, regulates period cycle, and reduces anthric pain and uric acid, and blood pressure. This strength training also helps the balanced rate, increases brain function and gait speed. In addition, it also reduces depression. Thus strength training ensures a very sound sleep.

You know what? This type of training is a part of weight loss. We have discussed earlier that Indian diets are always blessing to lose weight only if you follow the Indian diet rightly to lose weight. Rujuta Diweker started her greatest fitness project in 2018 as a part of a weight loss program that many people may think. However, it was not only the program for weight loss but also it was the program to keep fit.

We have already discussed week 1, week 2, week 3, week 4, and week 5 programs. Today we are going to discuss on week 6 program.

Let’s Start Strength Training

  1. Go to a gym and consult an expert trainer to start weight training once a week if you have not started weight training before. A person must start weight training if he/ she is suffering from diabetes, heart diseases, and bone loss. This training is very important for older people.
  2. Those who have already started weight training but are irregular, they should be regular in weight training for at least twice a week. In addition, those who are suffering from Polycystic Ovary Disease and Thyroid related issues, they should focus more on progressive overload into their exercise.
  3. Those who are doing this strength training three or more days in a week, they are awesome, Rujuta Diweker complemented. She also said to drop their reps to five to eight and focus on the intensity weight their muscles too. You can check her book “DON’T LOSE OUT, WORK OUT” is free to download on Kindle unlimited.

Strength Training: Important Notes

If anyone thinks that s/he does not need this training since s/he does swimming or dancing or cardio or Zumbai, s/he is incorrect. This strength training burns fat faster. This is in fact very helpful for those obese people. This also helps from the hormonal imbalances. Some people also look for an alternative to the gym. No, these people must go to the gym for the training. Usually, shy people do not want to go to the gym. Other types of people are there who actually do not have access to a gym at all. These people can visit the following page to learn some basics without any equipment:

Follow this link –


Some may find that their blood glucose level and thyroid issues are getting better after this strength training physical exercises. They may also find that their waist became thinner than earlier. However, they may gain a couple of Kilos rather weight loss. This training increases fat-free weight. Thus it may increase anyone’s weight.  Just they need to track the records and no need to be worried!

Week 6 Video Post By Rujuta Diweker