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Why You Should Eat Rice For Dinner


Should I eat rice since I want to lose weight? Being Indian, I do take Indian diets. Doesn’t an Indian diet increase the weight? These sentences are very common among the people who want to lose their weight. Even many Indians join the weight loss program in the hope that they will be very slim and fit by losing weight.

In this article we, the Fitrofy team is presenting you the week 7 program by Rujuta Diweker. Let us explain what she explains in week 7 in her fitness project 2018.

Why We Should Eat Rice

Rice indeed is such a food item that is very easy to digest. This Indian diet item promises to provide better sleep. Besides, this food prevents constipation by keeping the gut strong. Thus this is prebiotic. Having branched-chain amino acids (BCAA), rice has a unique effect on muscle effect. There are also some latent nutrients in it like Methionine, which helps detox the liver. It also slows down the ageing process. Furthermore, rice prevents damage to the skin. Having Vitamin B1 in this food item, it ensures to reduce inflammation and bloating. This is good for the nerves and heart. If you soak rice in water for a while before cooking, you can increase the value of B3. This not only prevents cancer but also this improve lipid profile. Also, it inhibits the growth of bad bacteria.

Who Should Eat Rice?

Everybody should have rice. We can have rice, in the same manner, we, the Indians have rice with ghee and dal. This guarantees that the feast remains low on the glycaemic file and there is a consistent glucose reaction. It is consequently consummately fine for anybody with Diabetes, heart malady or some other illness, and even it is alright for pregnant ladies. It is alright for everyone from young to old and from flimsy and corpulent.

Some Important Notes

You can cook rice however you like for the best taste. Both brown and white rice is okay. Anyone may have whichever they like. The brown rice is enriched with minerals like zinc. Some studies find that zinc helps glycaemic control. Thus it is safe for diabetic people.

You can select any variety of rice whichever are easy to access from your location. It also depends on you whether you will eat rice along with roti. If you have the appetite, then eat rice and roti. Rice can be taken also as a late dinner since it is easy to digest.

Some may become hungry even after having dal rice at dinner. They should have dal rice adding ghee and they should have a drink a glass of milk before going to sleep. When you are not using gadgets during meal times and having your wholesome meal between 4.00 pm to 6.00 pm, you are taking the perfect quantity of rice!

Week 7 Video Post By Rujuta Diweker