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Have a hot homemade breakfast daily to Lose weight and be Fit

Earlier, it was all about how home breakfast is the most crucial meal of the day. However, now, it’s all about how you shouldn’t consume it at all! Constant debate persistently arises on whether you should ingest cereal with milk, or drink shots of coffee. Or any other methods to lose weight. In all these weight loss noises, how can we tell the fact from fiction? What specific food items to consume in breakfast to generate better health? Well, Rujuta Diwekar has your answer.

Rujuta Diwekar specifically uses the Indian diet for weight loss. She indeed describes the correct Indian dietary food items to consume in breakfast.  She also explains the necessity of drinking turmeric milk in week 6 in her fitness project 2020.

All the people living in the blue zone regions of the world are known to begin their day with a healthy breakfast to either lose weight or to just live better. Even looking closer to India, areas like Kerala, Jammu and Kashmir, Maharashtra are places with exceptional traditional breakfast. And you know what? A life expectancy is much higher than the national average. Indian diets are cool for a weight loss program.

Why A Home Breakfast Is Very Important

A good homemade breakfast aids to tackle micronutrient deficiency. We live in a world of triple burden, where one area has excessive malnutrition, and on the other area, we got micronutrient deficiency. Vitamin deficiency like vitamin B12, vitamin D, Iron, folic acid, vitamin A is namely some vitamins that many seem to lack. What we do know now is that if the majority of the population consumes healthy, home breakfast, then it allows us to meet our micronutrients, and assimilate the nutrients better. If you have any kind of vitamin deficiency, breakfast is surely something you must be consuming.

“This is also something we have seen through our Ragi Kheer Project in Sonave. The government of India has also decided to include breakfast meal supplies, and even in New York, where they have Boroughs, like the Bronx and other poorer regions, already have midday meal supplies available, but working toward to introduce breakfast meals just so the children get all of their nutrients, and meet their growth milestones,” Rujuta confirms how consuming breakfast helps tremendously in providing nutrients.

However, we have a cortisol hormone. Cortisol hormone is a stress hormone, and it ensures the prevention of high-level stress throughout the day. Cortisol peaks up in the morning and drops down in the evening. And if you want to follow a natural curve, you need to consume a healthy homemade breakfast. If you don’t consume a healthy breakfast with the idea of weight loss, the cortisol level will not persist dropping, rather continue to stay high, making you hungry.

Here’s What You Can Eat As Home Made Breakfast

  1. If lunch is taken post 1 p.m., consume anything healthy and natural, but homemade. Such Indian dietary food items include Poha, Idli, Upma, Paratha, Sattu, etc. with Doodh Pati chai with many other traditional delicacies.
  2. If breakfast is taken by 11 a.m., you can consume a handful of nuts, a glass of milk, or some wholesome fruit like a banana.
  3. If you’re following an Indian diet, but don’t have the time to cook, you can heat the rice or roti (flatbread) from the night before. There are some healthy ready to eat breakfast meals that are already available in the Indian tradition; Thalipeeth and Ambode are some meals containing mixtures of mostly grains and pulses. Even speaking of Laddu, which is a mixture of millets, pulses, nuts, and jaggery, is something you can just consume during rush time.

 Here Are Some People Who Must Not Skip Breakfast

  • Children’s focus, concentration, and ability to learn all depends whether they’re leaving home well nourished. Children must eat their breakfast daily.
  • Women with irregular timing to their menstrual period.
  • People under high stress.
  • Athletes or people exercising in the morning.

Now, Home Made Breakfast Allows Us To

  • Meet our micronutrient requirements.
  • Commence a healthy, nutritious day.
  • Prevent hunger headache, acidity, and bloating that comes later in the day. If you’re someone who wakes up with a flat stomach, but as the day passes, your stomach bloats up, what you need is a healthy, homemade breakfast.
  • Prevents binging, and overeating later in the day. If you face an afternoon slump, midnight chocolate cravings, breakfast is the meal you need.
  • Cut back on our dependency on tea, coffee, cigarette, or any delight.

Many of us compromise breakfast; either eating packaged breakfast or not eating breakfast at all. If you want to stay energetic, skip sluggishness, this is the meal you should be having. But remember, breakfast must be consumed in a fresh, and homemade manner, whether by following an Indian diet or to simply lose weight.

Week 7 Video Post By Rujuta Diweker