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Have a short afternoon nap post lunch for better health/ immunity/ skin

In many cultures and religions and even wisdom of yoga, an afternoon nap is endorsed. However, with modern misconceptions, afternoon naps are looked down. With speculations such as lethargic, obesity or insomnia caused by naps, afternoon naps are underrated. But these are nothing but misunderstandings.

Just as important as the activity is the ability to wind down a nap says India’s #1 nutritionist and health advocate Rujuta Diwekar. In her 12-week fitness project 2020, she promotes Indian diets and methods of weight loss with activities like sitting in Sukhasana and having an Amla every day. As week five activity she explains the benefits of taking an afternoon nap after lunch every day.

Afternoon naps are actually quite advantageous as they promote better health, better immunity, and better skin to say the least. It’s a habit some of us have had since our childhood as traditional Indians. But with the modern era, this habit has since disappeared. But with logical reasoning, Rujuta Diwekar explains the importance of bringing it back to our lives.

Reasons To Afternoon Nap 

  1. For the betterment of the health of the heart. Especially for people with high blood pressure or people who have done procedures in the heart. With heart problems, it is quite important to relax and let the blood flow be calm and slow. The best way to let this senses of relaxation take over the body is to take a nap every day in the afternoon.
  2. Naps improve hormonal imbalances. A big part of our population suffers from imbalances like Polycystic Ovary Disease (PCOD), thyroid, general overeating, etc. But most importantly diabetes.
  3. On the journey to weight loss, we are working out and performing lots of exercises daily. This wears out our muscles tissues and even causes fatigue. With daily short naps in the afternoon, the tissues are recovered by themselves. Even if a person is recovering from illness, naps are helpful to improve recovery.
  4. Digestion is improved. Digestion problems lead to many uneasiness with irritable bowel syndrome, gas, constipation, acne, dandruff, etc. But naps can be very beneficial to this as they promote better digestion.
  5. Sleeping at night gets easier. Naps in the afternoon help to avoid insomnia. Especially for people who have problems with their sleep schedule. For example, frequent travellers, Shaadi goers, jet-lagged people, etc.
  6. With all of the reason stated above, it’s quite clear that afternoon naps can lead to fat loss.

Important Information On Afternoon Nap 

Now that it is understandable that afternoon naps are very effective, what are the basic information you need to know?

Firstly, How To Nap?

Always sleep in a foetal position. Lay down on your left and put your left hand under your head. Ben your legs together and bring your knees up to your stomach. This is the most efficient position to sleep in.

If you’re a working person, and you cannot find a place to lie down on, simply rest your head on the desk and nap. If you’re completely unable to nap, just look out the window for 10 to 15 minutes. Give yourself some me time to unwind.

Now, When Should You Nap?

Right after having lunch. Give yourself five to ten minutes after lunch and then take a nap. Most preferable between 1 to 3 pm.

How Long Should You Nap For?

Unless you’re a child or and orderly person or sick, you should not be napping for more than 30 minutes. If you are a sick, a child, or an elder person, 90 minutes or less is enough. But for a normal person, the nap should be for 15 to 30 minutes.

What Must You Avoid Doing?

You just never nap between 4 to 7 pm. This is a terrible decision as you will end up messing up your sleep schedule. Do not sleep in front of the TV or with any distractions turned on. Furthermore, avoid chai, coffee, chocolates, and cigarettes. All of these are very interruptive of your good health.

In conclusion, afternoon naps are just as important and necessary to your health as any other Indian diet or weight loss activity.

Week 5 Video Post By Rujuta Diweker On Afternoon Nap