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Have Soonth (Dry Ginger) Every Day to regulate our appetite , BP and blood sugar

Soonth (Dry Ginger) may seem like a regular spice to many of us, but who knew that ginger works effectively in regulating our appetite, our blood pressure, even our blood sugars? Ginger is not only rich in antioxidants, but it includes many more benefits that will leave you stunned. We have already mentioned that the Indian diet has tremendous benefit to lose weight. Indeed, most of us do undergo many weight loss programs. Rujuta Diwekar’s project of 2018 and 2020 are undoubtedly great program for weight loss program. She always emphasizes on the Indian diet to lose weight.

Rujuta Diwekar recommends using Soonth (Dry Ginger) powder in her week 2 fitness project 2020. She revealed the benefits of having Amla in her week-1 project. Her vivid claims of ginger’s healing of aches, pains, and magical soothing effects will make you rummage through the kitchen just to find your ginger powder. So, what are ginger’s benefits? How can we consume ginger for nutritious well-being?

Benefits Of Soonth (Dry Ginger)

Ginger helps the function of digestive enzymes, such as lipase or trypsin; lipase and trypsin both play a vital role in breaking down of protein and fat, which is very crucial considering if you have any digestive issues, ginger is your solution. Soonth (Dry Ginger) also erases the pain of aching bones and joints, working as a pain balm. It soothes your sleep and digestion. To unlock and digest the nutrients from consumption of heavy delicacies, you need ginger’s power. Also, ginger’s excellent antioxidant principles help to remove frizzy hair, dull skin, and even dandruff.

Ways Of Having Soonth

There are multiple tested ways to consume ginger:

  1. Mix a little bit of ginger with jaggery and ghee, and consume the mixture post-lunch. It’s especially useful for people who have a post-lunch slump, needing tea, coffee, or cigarettes after lunch. For anyone on the thyroid pill, this method is quite useful for you.
  2. Have gingers in the form of delicacies. It will enrich both skin and hair. If you’ve commenced exercising, and bear soreness of body, this is something you should be having. Moreover, if you are a sportsperson involved in hardcore training, but invariably lands up with some kind of aches, pains, muscle pulls, or soreness, this is your method of aid. It also works best as a post-workout snack.
  3. Crush some dry fruit, take a teaspoon of the dry fruit powder, and mix it along with milk, ginger, and a little bit of turmeric. It will benefit to have better sleep, ensuring you with no nightmares. If you have diabetes, or aching bones and joints, or a bad digestive system, this method is for you.
  4. If you’re someone who constantly suffers from cold, coughs, and congestion, this remedy is for you. Mix equal amount of dried ginger with jaggery, ghee, and turmeric. Roll it into small nail sized shapes, and consume one during breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

If you travel often and gets digestion or IBS problems, this is what you should be doing: During the time of your travels, carry a little bit of ginger powder. Pour some in your drink, and drinking this mixture would solve all your internal problems in no time.

Week 2 Video Post By Rujuta Diweker