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Practice Suryanamaskar for overall fitness



How to do Suryanamaskar? Does it have benefits? Should we do Suryanamaskar? It is a great physical activity which ensures a lot of health benefits. Weight loss is also possible if one does it perfectly. Rujuta Diweker showed us how to do it. She also reveals the secrets-benefits of it.

Since our readers have queries on weight loss. Many of our readers write to us inquiring how to lose weight. We are here to make our readers happy with correct information. We revealed earlier in our previous articles about the Indian diet and Indian diet to lose weight. Suryanamaskar is always recommended by almost all yoga trainers for weight loss and to keep our health fit and fine.

In the previous article on how much to eat, we explained the amazing techniques by Rujuta Diweker as a part of her fitness project 2018. In this article, we are explaining about Suryanamaskar depicted by her, the greatest nutritionist of all time.

Benefits Of Daily Suryanamaskar

Suryanamaskar is an amazing exercise which promises a lot of health benefit. It ensures a solid and strong back. Indeed we are losing the quality in the back which is required to keep the spine sound as well as to associate the quality in the physical body because our daily life back posture is not a correct one.

It also offers ageless and awesome skin. When skin is solid, it implies that heart, kidney, liver, and the entirety of the body parts are sound as well as very much sustained.

Suryanamaskar practice equalize hormone. If there is one physical workout that works straightforwardly on our organs- pituitary, thyroid, adrenals, that is nothing other this amazing practice which you are probably unaware. It is indeed ideal for digestion. It also releases torments from the period circle. You are obviously aware that this practice is done under the sun at the early hour and thus it ensures providing your body great opportunity to absorb Vitamin D.

Basics Of A Suryanamaskar

Firstly, select a fixed place at your home. The place must be well ventilated. You can select the timing at sunrise or sunset. You may also fix your own convenient time in the morning that you will practice it before breakfast or you may do it after taking a bath.

How to Practice it?

Keep in mind that you must breathe normally and take your time to learn the correct posture. It is always good not to hurry. Take your time and learn the appropriate posture.

Rujuta Diwekar Shows On How To Practice Suryanamaskar

Special Instruction

If you have not practised this exercise before, do it with two rounds every alternate day. And from week 3 start three rounds every day. Thus add more one round every alternate week. Do practice regularly and don’t give break. Keep in mind never do it less than five. However, do not do it more than twelve. Form a habit like you never leave home without doing Suryanamaskar.

Week 9 Video Post By Rujuta Diweker