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Coconut water/ Chach/ Nimbu Pani / Sherbat are the health drinks of India


Health drinks of India are amazing in taste and flavour. These Indian health drinks bring a lot of health benefits. However, it is to be noted that most of the young generation has no idea about such astonishing drinks. We are publishing a series of articles on weight loss and Indian diets for weight loss. We are indeed happy that we are serving you all with accurate and very important information. This article is a series of fitness project by Rujuta Diweker. In the previous article, we focused on Surayanamaskar. This article is the part of week 10 of the fitness project by Rujuta Diweker.

Superb Indian Health Drinks

Option 1

Nariyal Pani is a superb health drink. You should drink it before noon. You know what? Acidity and acne go down when you will drink it. One good advice for you- add a small tablespoon sabja seeds with it if you find enlarged pores in Nariyal.

Option 2

Chaas (buttermilk) is also another superb health drink. You should drink Chaas (buttermilk) just after your lunch. It is enriched with Vitamin B 12. It helps you to say goodbye to the bloating in the second half of the day.

Option 3

Nimbu sherbet should be taken in the early evening. You may add sugar, jeera, black pepper, and salt with it. You can select alternate to Nimbu sherbet like kesudo, vaala, kokum, variyali, bel, etc. This sherbet helps the electrolytes in balanced. These also help blood pressure patients.

Option 4

Kulith (horsegram) is a very traditional Indian drink. This should be taken at dinner. One must have it if the person feels low on energy. You have a great option that you can make dal out of this and can have with your rice. You may also mix it with dahi and take it in your supper time. This drink ensures a sound sleep. It makes the skin fresh and fine. It also ensures a flatter belly. This drink indeed is very helpful for diabetic patients. Digestion also gets improve.

Benefits Of These Health Drinks

These drinks are amazing to taste. These health drinks help us to prevent fevers and urinary tract infection and reduce acidity. Thus these assist us to get rid of bloating. You know what? Such drinks nurture our intestinal mucosa. In addition, these promote the growth of healthy bacteria. You can get relief from chronic body pains if you drink these amazing Indian health drinks.

Important Notes On Health Drinks

There are also other summer drinks beside these sherbets. It all depends on the region you are living. You can have virgin palm drink, Ambil, the kacha kairi with Kesar Neera. Sugarcane juice can be taken also but it should be taken before noon. Sugarcane juice is actually a winter drink. If anyone is taking it in summer, the person should add some crushed ginger in it.

You can have lassi in the mid-morning or late afternoon despite the drink- chass (buttermilk). Amla sherbet should be taken in the morning and you should take Chawanprash whether at morning or at night. You should take the following as your mid-meal

  • Peanuts and Jaggery


  • Cashews and Jaggery

Again, if you do not get coconut water around you, you can select any alternative:

  • The kokum,
  • Nimbu,
  • Ambil,
  • Panha,
  • Bel,
  • Buransh.

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