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Kitchen Rules for good health: No Plastic/ Use Iron Karahi / No Microwave

Kitchen rules should be followed for a better outcome. Kitchen rules do not mean which tools you will keep in a particular place at your kitchen. For weight loss, we certainly try different things to lose our weight. Indeed, the Indian diet for weight loss has its traditional values. We can also notice that many people follow the Indian diet to lose weight.

In this article, we are going to discuss week 11 program run by Rujuta Diweker. She explains a greater, yet the most important fact on the kitchen rules which certainly will help you to keep fit and fine.

Kitchen Rules By Rujuta Diweker

  1. You must avoid plastic. Plastic materials do not only pollute the environment, but these also affect hormonal balance. These plastic materials have a serious effect on acne and PCOD. So one should use cloth bags instead of plastic bags. In addition, you must not use plastic bags while carrying veggies. You should also avoid buying vegetables that come individually packed in plastic or thermocouple. Don’t use plastic tiffin box to keep your food hot inside. Don’t use plastic cutlery. It is advisable not to use any types of plastic equipment to keep or carry food items. It is to be noted that France already banned Plastic cutlery. You may use steel made box or carrier to carry or keep your foods. Use copper or steel made bottles to keep your water while you travel. Say no to plastic!


  1. Use iron kadhai. Forget about the no-stick khadais, which are Teflon coated. Avoid aluminium vessels and foils also. Add ghee or oil with spices when you cook your upma, sabzis, and upma in this khadais. You will obviously like its taste! You know what? Some of you use an aluminium pot to cook. Aluminium lowers the level of zinc which is a very important mineral for us. You use stainless steel, pital, and other varieties if you like.


  1. We heat our food in microvan. Never do it. The heat of microvan is harmful to the micronutrients in the food since the high heat quickly breaks their bonds and thus this become toxic for our body.

Week 11 Video Post By Rujuta Diweker