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Bring Back These 3 Fats (Tadka/ Coconut/Cashew) to accelerate weight loss

Tadka/Coconut/Cashew is superb fats which have promising benefits to our body. However, unfortunately, most of us don’t know the great benefits of these amazing fats. We have already mentioned in our previous articles that the Indian diets are awesome for weight loss. You can remain right and healthy if you track the fitness project 2018 run by Rujuta Diweker. Yes, we are presenting you each week. Previously, we have already posted- how much to eat. Today we are presenting you on week 12.

3 Fats (Tadka/ Coconut/Cashew)

Tadka In Kacchi Ghaani Oils

It is always wiser to use local oil from your region- mustard for north and northeast India, groundnut or until for focal and western and coconut for Kerala.

Our local plans are adjusted to the unsaturated fat and supplement piece of our oils and to make the best out of what we eat, we need to tail it in totality. No getting on board with the fleeting trend of “heart sound” or other such guarantees made by refined vegetable, rice-wheat, safflower or comparative oils. Maintain a strategic distance from oil-free or fat-free no matter what it is.

Furthermore, kacchi ghani (cold squeezed) because then it implies that oil is separated at a lower temperature and in this manner unsaturated fats, nutrients and different supplements are flawless. This oil is better for diabetic’s patients.

Coconut As Garnishing, Chutney, Etc.

Coconut supports gut health. It helps with better digestion. Also, it is antibacterial and anti-viral. If you are suffering from Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) in summer, you should have coconut. Just garnish it and turn it into barfi and laddos. You may also make chutneys out of it. Sort out the coconut malai. You can take dry coconut with Jaggery or just peanuts.

Cashews As Mid-Meal Or With Milk Before Sleeping

Cashew is enriched with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Amino acid produces serotonin, which is a natural sleeping agent. It will make your mood happy. You will fill relaxed due to its having magnesium. Cashew is a natural anti-depressant. 

Why Take 3 Fats (Tadka/ Coconut/Cashew)

For the appropriate function for the brain and body, essential fat is very important and vital. Your body will not be able to assimilate minerals, vitamin D, and other required nutrients from your diets without the presence of essential fat that these 3 fats (Tadka/ Coconut/Cashew) ensure. Without these 3 fats, you may suffer from poor joints and nerve. Besides, blood glucose become unregulated.

Important Notes

Some may consider that traditional oils and ghee are not beneficial for diabetics. But it is wrong. It is beneficial for diabetics. If you prepare a regional recipe, you should use the regional oil. Those who are living in abroad, they can pick up cold-pressed groundnut oil, sesame oil, and mustard oil. Cashew is beneficial for Blood Pressure patients.

 Week 12 Video Post By Rujuta Diweker