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Make And Eat Your Homemade Pickle for good digestion and B12

Homemade Pickle is an age-old tradition that was passed on to our Nani Dadi’s from their Nani and Dadi’s. Unfortunately, we haven’t paid much focus on this immensely favourable culture. But with her 12-week fitness project, nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar has worked on reviving this Indian tradition. Yes, we attend many fitness programs to lose weight and keep ourselves fit and fine. Indian diets to lose weight are certainly effective and master class. Homemade pickles are not exceptional from those superb Indian diets. Rujuta Diweker, in her week 10 fitness project 2020, analyses the blueprint of the necessity of home-based pickles. Later she focuses on the benefits of good sleep.

Pickles are a method of preserving fruits, vegetables, maybe even meat, in some places of the country so that you can have them yearlong. At a time like this, with the COVID-19 crisis going on, many countries are finding difficulty to get food. Stores are running out of food and the stocks are closing down. At times like this, pickles are the most useful as the store different foods of immense nutritional value for a long period. Besides, our grandmothers spent so much of their time, energy, and patience to come up with the perfect pickling recipes. They gave us the priceless gift of pickles and we should be honouring and reviving this tradition.

Rujuta Diwekar says, “If I had to pick up the biggest contribution if our country to the entire world, I would say it is pickle

Benefits Of Homemade Pickle

  • Great addition of flavour and spice to the food. They also enhance the taste of our meals.
  • They ease out digestion and assimilation and help the digestive system.
  • Homemade pickles provide good bacteria to our body which helps the body got produce vitamins like B12.
  • They ensure that your gut does not get colonised with bad bacteria and pathogen.
  • They work as antioxidants and are reliable sources of vitamins like vitamin K and vitamin A, minerals, and many bioactive nutrients.

Why Homemade Pickle Is Superior To  Store-Bought Pickle

If you want the benefits of pickles, you cannot have store-bought pickles. The store-bought ones have excess salt and other harmful chemicals. Plus you’ll be paying a lot for something that’s relatively cheap to make at home. You’ll be losing touch with the Indian traditional recipes. And also, the genetically and geographically acquired pickles are the most compliant to us. Besides, without the right amount of salt and oil, the pickles are spoilt and grow the wrong kind of bacteria.

The Art Of Pickling 

Pickling is an art, there’s a genial science behind it. It requires picking up the right kind of fruits and vegetables. Cutting them up and washing them requires a certain way. Adding specific amounts of oil, salt, lime, water, or vinegar to it is also a part of it. It’s all very tricky. The certainty of the recipes is what makes them art. And at the end of it all, the sun does most of the wonderful work during the drying.

Some Important Notes

If you have problems with blood pressure and are confused about if hibou should be having pickles or not, just remember, pickles should only be 15% of your meal. Without the right proportions, every food can be harmful. Plus, you can also avoid eating out and not exercising. A pickle will never hurt you if you’re following the right steps. A small amount of pickle is enriched with enough pro and prebiotic. Pickles are also very helpful for people with diabetes.

So, eat homemade pickle every day. And keep the train of old Indian traditions moving forward. It is our duty to do so for the benefit of everyone.

Week 10 Video Post By Rujuta Diweker