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Sit In Sukhasana (Cross Legged) to eat your food, for better digestion

Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar explains the impact of sitting cross-legged, or more traditionally known as Sukhasana, has on the fitness of a person. The act of simply sitting down cross-legged can be more beneficial to our health than we could’ve imagined.

In her own words, “It’s the small good habits that you do on a daily basis, which really helps you to build lifelong wellbeing”

Indian diets are in plenty for weight loss. Indian diets to lose weight are actually the blessing of nature which we have discussed early. Rujuta Diwekar explains about Sukhansanain week 3 fitness project 2020. In week 2, she discussed the benefits and the ways of having dry ginger.

So, what is Sukhasana? It’s basically, sitting cross-legged for one meal of a day every day. As humans, the more we grow up, the more we lose our stability and immovableness. So it becomes harder for us to sit down properly. And therefore it abrupts our digestion system. This leads to weight gain and furthermore makes us unable to sit down. And the cycle continues. But let’s all try to break the cycle today!

How To Perform Sukhasana

In only 5 weeks, you can perfect the process of sitting cross-legged for the rest of your life.

Week one: sit on your usual chair with your legs crossed for one meal of the day. Either left leg on top of the right one or vice versa. That simple!

Week two: this time, do the same as week one, but with the opposite leg on top the other than that of week one.

Week three: get down from the chair and sit on the floor for one meal. Follow the same leg on leg pattern for the week.

Week four: the same as week two, but on the floor. So you will follow the opposite leg pattern than the one in week three.

Week five: work and build up the habit by sitting on the floor every day with alternating the leg pattern for a meal of each day. Keep practising for a lifetime of change.

The Benefits Of Sukhasana

  1. As you sit on the floor with the lower body exerting more pressure, blood flow becomes denser in that area. So digestion efficiency increases along with the supply of higher nutrient values and haemoglobin concentration.
  2. When you sit with your legs crossed, your body is relaxed and your attentiveness increases. So you’re more aware mentally and therefore you can reduce overeating and be more mindful.
  3. The spine is straightened and aligned, so the shoulders are squared naturally and your posture gets fixed by itself.
  4. And finally, there an increase in flexibility, mobility, and stability. This is absolutely amazing for your health.

How To Start

It’s quite understandable if some of us are unable to sit cross-legged, but it’s nothing to be ashamed of. The simplest way is to take baby steps. For example, when you’re working, try to pull one leg up over the other and try to hold it up. When you’re watching TV, try to stretch your legs enough to pull them up towards yourself. During meditation or prayer, try to sit cross-legged. Bottom line, make an effort. Because after all, practice makes a man perfect!

Its fine time we start taking control of our lives. Let’s not let mundane life activities take away our health. So, why not start with the simplest yet immensely effective Sukhasana?

Week 3 Video Post By Rujuta Diweker