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Traditional Bengali Dishes to be Fit and to Lose weight

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Traditional Bengali dishes have naturally helped us stay fit and enjoy a healthy diet. Many of these can help you maintain the right BMI and ensure that your body gets the right nutrition. We have already mentioned about the traditional Punjabi dishes earlier. Here are some Bengali dishes which you can include in your diet to lose weight and stay healthy:

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Traditional Bengali Dishes: Drinks for a Healthy Diet

Aam Pora Shorbot (113 calories per glass)

This refreshing drink is a staple in many Bengali homes as soon as the season of raw mangoes begin. Not only does it keep you hydrated, it also supplements your body’s nutrition. The key reason this dish is considered to be part of a healthy diet is that the raw mangoes are first roasted in fire and then their pulp is extracted. The cooking of the mango pulp does not involve any oils.

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Borhani (139 calories per glass)

If you like cool refreshing drinks, then Borhani will get your attention. This drink is usually teamed with spicy curries and dishes like the Biryani. The herbs and yogurt help you keep cool while the spices in the drink create a tangy flavor. Doesn’t it sound like just the right drink for a diet to lose weight?

Traditional Bengali Dishes: Snacks To Include In Your Diet To Lose Weight

Matarsutir Kachori (157 calories per kachori)

The kachoris are filled with mashed green peas to give you a delightful and healthy snack. They can be enjoyed as a morning or evening snack with tea. Not only are they nutritious but also part of a healthy diet.

Ghugni (103 calories per serving)

This is a dish made out of boiled matar. The matar is then tossed in spices along with onions and green chillies. It is a very popular dish in Bengal enjoyed as a snack or had along with luchis for breakfast.

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Jhal muri (102 calories per serving)

Muri or puffed rice is a crowd favorite in Bengal. While there are several ways in which muri can be enjoyed, jhal muri is the most delicious version. Create it at home as delectable dish which wouldn’t have you worried about adding inches to your waist. If you feel that your diet to lose weight is mostly full of boiled and boring foods then this can be a refreshing change.

Bhapa paneer (62 calories per serving)

Steamed dishes are also very common in Bengal. You can steam fishes, vegetables or even paneer. The steaming of any dish ensures that the nutritional value of the ingredients are retained.

Alu kabli (62 calories per serving)

Alu kabli is made with black grams and potatoes. The boiled grams and potatoes are mixed with spices to make a tangy dish very similar to the alu chaat. Black grams are ideal for a healthy diet, and potatoes add tastefulness to the dish.

Traditional Bengali Veg Dishes

Matarsutir Dal (88 calories per serving)

Green peas are high in fibre and low in calories. This is why they are considered to be good for a healthy diet. The matarsutir dal is made out of green peas and some spices. It is easy to prepare and comes in a bowl full of healthiness.

traditional healthy food of bengali healthy food of bengal weight loss foods in bengal

Bati Chorchori (54 calories per serving)

The Bengali cuisine uses a lot of mustard. It may either be in the form of paste or as seeds. Bat Chorchori also uses mustard paste in which all the vegetables are sautéed. This dish is nutritious because of the vegetables used in it. You can cook it using cauliflower, green peas, carrots, French beans, and brinjal. It makes for a delicious dish which can be included in your healthy diet.

Potoler Dolma (193 calories per serving)

Made with potol/parwal/pointed gourd, potoler dolma is a traditional recipe which involves stuffed potol/pointed gourds. The stuffing can vary. Vegetarians make potol dolma by stuffing paneer or potatoes. The paneer stuffed potoler dolma is healthier if you are on a diet to lose weight.

Mochar Paturi (77 calories per paturi)

Banana flowers are used extensively in coastal regions. Mochar Paturi is made by steaming the banana flowers wrapped in a leaf (usually banana leaf). Steaming retains the nutrition of the banana flowers which are cooked with poppy seeds and coconut.

Bhaja Moong Dal Shobji DIye (125 calories per serving)

Bhaja Moong Dal is made out of yellow moong dal and an array of nutritious vegetables. You can choose from the vegetable you like or those you have available in the house. Typically, the dal has carrots, cauliflower, tomatoes, and green peas. It has lots of fibre and is considered to be a diabetic friendly dish and good for those who are on a diet to lose weight.

Traditional Bengali Non-veg dishes for a healthy diet

Kalmi Saag with Shutki (109 calories per serving)

Kalmi saag or water spinach is seasonal. So, you can enjoy this dish only for the time that kalmi saag is available. Shutki or dry fish, on the other hand, is available any time. Kalmi Saag has nutrients like Vitamin C, Vitamin E, riboflavin and other minerals.

Bhape Doi Ilish (221 calories per serving)

Ilish is a type of fish used extensively in Bengali cuisine. Doi Ilish is cooked in mustard and yogurt. The dish involves steaming the fish to retain its nutrition and to retain the moisture that makes the fish pieces delicious.

Bhape Shorshe Chingri (209 calories per serving)

This simple recipe includes prawns cooked in the Bengali-favorite mustard paste. While the prawns tip the dish on the calorie-heavy side, the reason why it is a part of a healthy diet is that the dish is steamed and not deep-fried.