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No Gadgets During Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner time


Gadgets are inseparable parts of our life. We almost all depend on gadgets from daily life to office work. Do you know that these devices bring more health hazards than benefits? Yes, it is also admirable that gadgets bring a lot of positive aspects of life. However, it should be used in a proper way. Not the way we use these!

You know what? Our head is around 5-6 KG. However, when we tilt our head fifteen degrees downwards, it weighs 15 KG. It weighs 20 KG when we tilt our head thirty-degree downwards, whereas it becomes 30 KG when the head tilts sixty degrees. Such posture indeed affects our back shoulder and the brain. In addition, this position hampers cardio-respiratory processes.

In our previous article titled: Week-2: Start Your Day with Ghee in Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner, we thoroughly discussed Rujuta Diweker’s masterpiece remarks on the Indian diet. Her Fitness Project is undoubtedly an effective one to lose weight.

Gadgets Created “Technology Posture”

Most of us want to lose weight to become slim with narrow waist and sport flatter abs. But we are dependent on gadgets, the technology. We simultaneously use our gadgets. When we use gadgets like a cellphone, we tilt our heads. This gesture- bowing head while using gadgets is called “Technology Posture”. This posture is very harmful especially for the people who are suffering from diabetes and heart diseases. This posture is also harmful to some hormonal issues like Polycystic Ovary Disease and Thyroid. Furthermore, this type of gesture influences the appropriate functions of the adrenal glands.

Week-3: The Gadgets

From week 3, we all need to take care of our back. We must make our back strong. Yes, we also need to make our stomach flat and tall stance that Rujuta Diweker explained in details. Without delay, let’s point out what she explained.

  1. We must not use our gadgets while having our meals. Since it’s difficult to follow this instruction instantly, she gave an amazing tip. We can start not to use our gadget during one meal at first but later gradually we should avoid using gadgets for all three main meals by the next ten weeks.
  2. She advises us not to use gadgets like a cellphone or TV before going to bed. At least before 30 minutes. Even we must not read eBooks.
  3. We should use our cellphone in a proper position where the phone will be before our eyes. We must not lean our heads to tilt our necks while using the cellphone. This position actually will help us to develop a habit of using the cellphone only when it is necessary.

Finally, she added that it is very difficult to make a habit of using our gadgets only when it is relevant and important. Everyone should follow this guideline along with both week one and two.

Week 3 Video Post By Rujuta Diweker



Week 3 is also marvellous which shows how stupidly we use gadgets. You all keep on following Rujuta Diweker’s remark to lose weight. In addition, it is to note that weight loss is not very difficult if you determine. Last but not least, we must thank Lord that we have plenty of Indian diets to lose weight.