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How much protein should I take post workout ?

Muscle protein synthesis (MPS) is stimulated by resistance training and protein intake. To stimulate MPS, it is important to consume the appropriate amount of protein following exercise. We give a good amount of options in our diet plan for same Eating too much will not improve muscle growth but may increase the accumulation of potentially […]

Eating before workout is important !

Eating before you work was not recommended earlier, but now it has been realized that it’s a must for muscle growth. Pre-workout helps prevent muscles from being torn down for fuel during training and kick-starts the muscle-growth processes sooner. You should consume some carbs rich food and a liquid such as black coffee before your […]

What are Essential micronutrients for muscle gain

Following micro nutrients are important for body building – Magnesium: de-stressing mineral. After a rigorous workout, it’s also important to relax your muscles. It helps to prevents cramps. Vitamin C: Essential for formation of collagen, the foundation that bone mineralization is built on. Zinc: It helps in maintaining good immunity. When you have a good […]

Do I need mainly protein in my diet for body building

No, you need other macronutrients also. A study shows that ingesting 15 to 20 grams of protein after the workout maximize the body’s recovery after exercise. And you should consume 1.8gms of Protein, per Kg of your ideal weight through out the day. But it takes more than just protein to build muscle. You need […]

Why post workout meal is important for body building

Post workout meal should be taken within 1 hour after exercise. It should be a combination of carbohydrate (high glycemic index) and protein containing essential amino acids. The benefits of consuming protein soon after exercise are following: Restores depleted muscle glycogen. Stimulates muscle protein synthesis. Promotes lean tissue and muscle strength. Improves percent body fat […]