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Is The Paleo Diet Suitable For Long Term Weight Loss?

Paleo Diet for the long term has a very adverse effect on health. However, many people follow the paleo diets to lose weight. The paleo diet derives from the abbreviation of palaeolithic. Thus Paleo diet represents the same food items which our ancestors of the Palaeolithic era used to follow.

The Paleo Way Of Life

First of all, the Paleolithic era is an era during which our ancestors were hunter-gatherers. This era preceded the Neolithic period when agriculture appeared. Human beings of the Paleolithic era, therefore, had a lifestyle that responded to a particular diet and intense and regular physical activity. Besides, this period is the longest in the history of humanity; it begins with the appearance of Man, around 3 million years ago and ends around 12,000 years BC.

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Indeed, it covers 95% of human history. However, then the people did not know the paleo diet’s long term impact.

Paleo Food

Regarding the food of our ancestors, it mainly composed of meats and fruits and vegetables. Cereals not included. Of course, the surplus of salt, sugar and other industrial devices did not exist. Processed foods were not part of the Paleolithic diet.

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Also, the sedentary lifestyle did not develop as it is today. The men were very active because they had to hunt and survive in a hostile environment. They were thus in excellent physical shape and did not know the diseases of civilisation. The conditions of culture include many diseases such as allergies, chronic fatigue, overweight, degenerative diseases or even cardiovascular diseases which are more and more common.

Foods Excluded From The Paleo Diet

Cereals and derivatives (bread, pasta, cookies, etc.)
Dairy products (animal milk, cheeses, yoghurt, etc.)
Processed foods (canned food, ready meals, industrial food, etc.)
Non-natural sodas and sugary drinks
Harmful oils (like frying oil for example)
Foods Included In The Paleo Diet
The vegetables
White meat
Red meat
Fish and seafood
The fruits
Edible oils (like olive oil and walnut oil)

The Disadvantages Of The Long Term Paleo Diet

The paleo diet has advantages. People follow these diets for weight loss. However, it harms our health in the long term. Of course, you should not think about the immediate benefits. You must consider whether this diet returns you a long term adverse effect. Here are the problems of the paleo diet.

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The Long Term Paleo Diet Is Restrictive

First of all, the paleo diet is very restrictive. If you have a complete diet and you switch to paleo, the adaptation may be complicated. Many ingredients exclude from this type of food. It is therefore advisable to vary the preparations so as not to tire of the same dishes. So, favour the use of spices to modify the flavours.

The Paleo Diet And Deficiencies

Some argue that the paleo diet can be a source of deficiencies which is one of the dangers of the paleo diet. But let’s be clear, if you vary your dishes and eat enough quality, nutritionally rich foods, you will not have much deficiencies.

The Paleo Diet And Social Life

The paleo diet is difficult to follow when sharing meals with people who are not followers of this diet. Such a diet can be a brake and represent a constraint. Also, I think you have to be able to allow yourself deviations from time to time, like when you get an invitation to eat, for example. It’s up to you to gauge the balance that suits you.

The Paleo Diet Is Difficult To Keep

Some people try to adapt to the paleo diet, but it only lasts for a while. You can not adjust the paleo diet in the short term. Otherwise, you risk experiencing a yoyo effect, well known to those who chain diets. Indeed, we should understand that the paleo diet is part of a lifestyle and a healthy lifestyle. To last over time, you can adopt this diet partially according to your food balance and your lifestyle.

Bottom Lines

Since you can not follow it for long time so in actual it not a a permanent solution for your weight loss. Having a healthy balanced diet at a right time in the right proportions and following some basic fundamentals of same is the only long term solution which should always be adopted. In addition, you can start video call yoga classes or even video call fitness program to lose your weight under the supervision of an expert. Yoga and fitness program have promising benefits to your health.